Blue Knights Motorcycle Club Patches

By | December 1, 2022

The Blue Knights Motorcycle Club has been around since 1974, and their iconic patches have become a symbol of brotherhood, adventure, and camaraderie. For motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world, these patches are more than just a fashion statement – they’re a way to show solidarity with fellow riders.

The story behind these patches is a testament to the strength of the Blue Knights’ bond. The club was founded by a group of police officers, and the patches were designed to reflect the members’ shared dedication to service and justice. Each patch features a blue knight riding a motorcycle, along with the Latin phrase “Justitia Omnibus,” which translates to “Justice for All.”

The Blue Knights’ mission is to promote safe and responsible motorcycling, and the patches serve as a reminder of the importance of this cause. The patches are a source of pride for members, and they’re also a great conversation starter for non-members who are curious about the club. Whether you’re a member or not, wearing a Blue Knights patch is a great way to show your support for the cause and your admiration for the brotherhood.