Bobber Shadow Build

By | May 10, 2022

The Bobber Shadow Build is the latest new custom motorcycle from renowned manufacturer Trike Bike Corporation. This unique two-wheeler combines the classic bobber style with a modern twist, giving riders a contemporary and stylish ride. The Bobber Shadow Build features a steel frame and racer fork, along with eye-catching blacked out parts and features, including a dual-exhaust system, cast aluminum spoked wheels, and an inverted rear suspension.

No matter the terrain, the Bobber Shadow Build will provide a smooth and comfortable experience for riders. It’s powered by a 1,400 cc engine that offers plenty of power and torque, and its 6-speed transmission allows riders to take on even the most challenging terrain. With its combination of style and performance, it’s no surprise that the Bobber Shadow Build has become one of the most popular motorcycles in the industry.

For those looking for a truly unique and powerful ride, the Bobber Shadow Build is an ideal choice. Not only is it stylish and reliable, but it also provides the perfect blend of old-school style and modern performance. So, no matter if you’re looking to cruise down the highway or tackle the toughest trails, the Bobber Shadow Build has got you covered.